Stichting Shosholoza

Shosholoza Foundation is a community of students, bridging the gap of inequality and creating opportunities for everyone. Together we are strong!


We want to be an international gateway for students to learn and educate themselves. We provide them with the opportunity to become community leaders and actively help each other become successful. We help them develop their moral compass in order to be happy, give meaning to their lives and contribute to the happiness of others.


We work towards a society based on reciprocity and meaningful living. We help young people grow into conscious global citizens who want to find solutions to society challenges. We will help them excel in their studies and get out of their comfort zone to challenge the status quo.

We will create a strong learning network around them, consisting of business mentors and professional coaches and a buddy. We will offer them exchange programs, international internships and personal development.



The Shosholoza Foundation will have three main pillars based on education, growth and impact. We will focus on the growth of students, parents and businesses.

GRIT Business School

We create opportunities for excellent students (MBO, HBO and University) who want to be challenged, discover new worlds and become community leaders in their country.

Parents Program

We involve parents and help them become strong supporters of their children.

Internship Program

We challenge employers and entrepreneurs to provide opportunities and work environments for students to develop their work ethics, personal leadership and skills.

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