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United & KLM: What are you doing?

by Life Impact Company on 11 april 2017

I am totally shocked by the events happening on air planes. They used to be companies who served their customers. They were responsible for providing a pleasurable journey. Now they are part of committing human rights violations and are part of the deportation of people out of countries. What is happening here?

There should be more investigations into the behavior of companies and their participation in the deportation of people from countries. Their use of violence or introducing law enforcement. This can not be happening without any consequences.

KLM said its obligation to cooperate with evictions. Earlier this year the company was criticized because it would cooperate with the prohibition of US government then in force for some time to carry passengers from seven Muslim countries. In that case, the Company is obliged to adhere to the rules. (Source: Parool)

The events played themselves out Sunday on a flight to Chicago. The flight was overbooked, but United needed to board personnel. Before everyone got on, volunteers were sought to take the next flight. Nobody, however, was a candidate. Subsequently, a Chinese man was appointed to give up his seat. The man was dragged off the airplane- to the dismay of other passengers. The incident was filmed and put on social media. The man was later accessing the flight when he claimed to be a doctor and had standing appointments with patients. When he came aboard, he was very confused and he had blood on his face. Medical staff was summoned and served him the necessary care.